Me and Your Mama by Childish Gambino

THIS JUST IN – Childish Gambino’s new single, ‘Me and Your Mama’, officially confirms that his album is gonna be boss as fuck.

The twinkly intro kicks into a series of layered loops dominated by a beautiful choral hook – ‘I’m in love when we are smoking that’, which Gambino finishes with soft melodic ‘la la la la la’s.

You’re halfway through the song and just starting to drift off to your new favourite lullaby beat when the whole thing explodes and suddenly you’re in the middle of a blues rock n’ roll break-down.

Gambino’s vocal style darts everywhere from classic rock screeches to smooth, high melodies to James Brown shouts. Sounds rush in and out – gospel vocals, synth lines, a creepy recurring laugh, an arsenal of effects. And just as suddenly as it blows up, it drops back down to a spacey, ‘Albatross’-esque outro.

Basically, this song is a fucking roller coaster and I can’t wait for the rest of the theme park to open.


Listen here:

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