The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

I’ve been recommending this book to pretty much everyone I know. The Midnight Library is a perfect book for the current climate, when we all feel a bit stuck and worried about the way our lives our going.

It’s an easy and a difficult read – emotionally challenging but written with such clear and natural language that you’ll likely zip through it in a day or two. This writing style is also part of what gives the book its wonderful sincerity.

If you’ve suffered from depression or other mental health issues, I’m sure you’ll have heard your fair share of cheesy “uplifting” stories and be sick to death of them by now. The Midnight Library just hits different. Haig’s writing never feels cliche or fake – instead, he taps into something very human. That feeling of being trapped and haunted by fear, regret, comparison and dissatisfaction with life. Matt Haig draws on his personal experience with depression and it’s clear how well he understands that vicious cycle. Instead of feeling lectured or pushed to “feel happy,” I felt recognised and not so alone in my feelings. And because he understands the problem, Haig understands what helps. The Midnight Library is abuzz with imagination, humour and wonder at the little details of life.

Matt Haig pushes you to join Nora in facing some pretty difficult stuff, but the reward is a feeling of sincere hope and appreciation of life, even at its messiest.

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